The Gay Elder Circle plans over time to implement the following activities and projects.

Conferences and Symposia dealing with topics of importance to the gay community and the Gay Elder Circle. Several Circle members were central to the organizing of the pioneering 2003 conference in Los Angeles titled Standing On The Bones Of Our Ancestors: Exploring the Role of the Gay and Lesbian Elder—a highly successful day of intergenerational dialogue.

Weekend and one-day retreats aimed at supporting the role of gay adults and youth in the community.

Periodic weekend and one-day retreats by members of the Gay Elder Circle in order to strengthen community among ourselves and to tell each other our stories.

Convening of periodic gatherings of youth, adults and elders representing the widest possible diversity of community.

The formation of on-going special interest and support groups.

Providing mediation services by trained mediators aimed at reducing conflict and resolving problems between and within organizations and individuals.

Eldering both one-on-one and within groups.

Identifying and honoring positive work/events/actions in the gay community.

Actively supporting “Rise Up and Shout! Voices of the Next Gay Generation,” a showcase that both spotlights the creative gifts and talents of gay and lesbian youth and at the same time serves as a community blessing ceremony of our young. Circle members had a central role in creating the event. See

Developing the Walt Whitman Award, a national juried competition for gay men under the age of thirty in poetry, fiction, nonfiction and the visual arts. One Walt Whitman award will go to a young gay man under twenty-one.

Providing time for reflection and intentional personal growth experiences.

Developing an awareness and taking action regarding the less affluent and less fortunate members of the community.

Maintaining a sense of humor.