(5) News Updates

Mother’s Day 2021

admin May 10, 2021

The #GayElderCircle honors Mothers of all stripes today. We share the link below that accompanies this photograph. The link makes note of this blended…

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Social Impact Center

admin April 27, 2021

The #GayElderCircle joins the #SocialImpactCenter for an intergenerational dialogue this afternoon. Contact us, or them, directly for the Zoom link.

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Earth Day 2021

admin April 22, 2021

The #GayElderCircle celebrates #EarthDay with an academic look at the #RadicalFaeries. Radical Faeries have always expressed appreciation for the Earth that we live on.…

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Not Another Second: LGBTQ+ Seniors Share Their Stories

admin January 25, 2021

https://youtu.be/q43kBuC_ups Our President Bill Sive has been spending time recently with the #CaliforniaMensGathering (#TheCMG) at their Annual Members Meeting and their Outreach Committee. All…

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