Gay Elder Circle – February 2021

Dear Elders, Brothers, Cousins, Friends,

It has been an amazing January and February.  A cacophony of voices all trying to be heard.  Some voices utilizing doublespeak, Some voices singing truths.  Few voices calmly continue to lead, to teach, to mentor, to mindfully guide us.  

I have found it astounding to listen to group leaders cause emotional harm to participants and are unable to acknowledge the harm they caused and are unable to comfort those who are suffering as a direct result of their insensitivity.

I have found great comfort in educational leaders willing to be open to voices from the outside.  These educators who are receptive to outside voices and state they have learned of things from outside their traditional structure. 

Lastly, I have found great joy in those outside, quite voices who have been able to reach new ears.  To form quiet networks of support and influence.  

Words matter.  Words matter when they are loud, angry and violent.  Words matter when they are calm and reassuring.  Words matter, at every age.  Words and how they are delivered matter because we visually witness how they are delivered, hear how they are delivered and those words become imprinted within us to carry, until we can process them in a healthy way and let the malice behind the words go.  Yes, words matter.

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