Gay Elder Circle – January 2021

Dear Elders, Brothers, Cousins, Friends,

The end of calendar year 2020 and the beginning of calendar year 2021 is like no other.  At the end of calendar year 2020 it was realized that we spoke about everything and everything except what what actually occurred to each of us through our own individual experiences, grieving. 

We were grieving for friends lost to COVID-19, loss of social interactions, loss of physical intimacy and loss upon loss, upon loss.  We have not had time to grieve for our collective losses.  We have endured an over extended amount of uncertainty and unwillingly surrendering to an unknown.  Many of us have “unfinished business” that can only be completed in-person.    

For many isolation, for some time for meditation  For many boredom, for some mindfulness, For many recognizing poor leadership, for some reflection on their style of leadership.  Truly a look at what has happened to lead us to the point where we are now.

How do we move forward in 2021?  As the beginning of a new calendar year it is time for a re-set, or restart. 

  • Find your meaning in life and listen with your heart;
  • Heal your relationships with yourself and others;
  • Find meaning in the suffering of the past year and how to transcend it;
  • Deepen your personal understanding of your self and your life’s experiences; 
  • Make plans to live more purposefully in this calendar year; 
  • Let others help you on your journey

Above all else find a way for your personal closure for the past calendar year.  Our humanity is grieving.  Reach out to help where you are able.

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