Gay Elder Circle – September 2022

Dear Elders, Brothers, Cousins, Friends,

We are glad to announce and upcoming in-person meeting this month.  Details are included in this newsletter.
Our first meeting since the pandemic was joyous.  It was a time to reflect, remember and renew.  Above all a time to know the foundation that holds the Gay Elder Circle together is solidly in place. 

The event with Dr. Olson was a success and we will look at having a special night for a guest speaker(s) in the future.  Attendees from San Diego to Oakland, and as far east as Connecticut.  

An email was sent to the James Cree Nation in Saskatchewan inquiring if a link will be setup for donations for impacted individuals/families.  We will follow up with any and all information they provide for donations once received.

On this, let us move forward…

Read our September Newsletter here.

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