African American Community in the U.S.A.

We have often been told growing up to face your challenges head on, and that it what we are doing here. It would be untruthful to say finding the correct balance of words to offer comfort and support on the continued experience of the African American community faces daily in our country. We could quote the same quotes shared and read hundreds of times, which some seem to have lost their impact in light of the events surrounding Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, Mr. Eric Garner six years ago and the protesters over the last few days. The daily micro-aggression, micro-insults and physical treatment of our African American and other vulnerable populations continues to go unheard.

There are some persons who state that to say nothing makes you complicit to the events, when it fact some of those who are silent are truly at a loss for words, or the correct words are out of reach and are unable to be expressed

As we do in the Gay Elder Circle is to look at the past and let it speak to us now, again, louder, again, and again, and again. Internalize and digest these words and make them become part of your truth to this collective pain and tide of emotion washing over our extended community.

What has to change? The structure built with bias against vulnerable populations. The structure built with income inequality and health disparities, The structure needs to be viewed through the lens of those experiencing these disparities to shine a new light and raise voices to contribute to the solution to ending structural bias.

Looking back at our historical voices we guide you to the past to those who approached these issues through their personal lens:

Marlon Riggs:…/25-years-after-his-death…

James Baldwin:…/james-baldwin-on-being-gay-…/

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