Gay Elder Circle – December 2020

Dear Elders, Brothers, Cousins, Friends,

We hope our newsletter finds you safe and healthy.  As this year begins to wrap up we can reflect on the opportunities the year brought forth.  Unplanned solitude providing time to be quiet and reflect.  A time to be still and mindful.  A time to examine the journey that brought you to where you are now.  2020 is year of change like no other before us.  Challenging us to find various ways to connect with others and well as ourselves.  Learning if we can truly live with oneself.  

2021 will continue to be a year of transformational change.  Gay and Bi men who have formed intimacy bubbles.  An entirely new concept that allows to not be physically distant while remaining within COVID-19 safety guidelines.  We/Humans adapt.  As we adapt the Gay Elder Circle looked at ways to make our website more friendly for mobile users.  Our phone number can now be tapped and our website can be found via voice assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri.  While voice assistant engineers are still developing their technology using voice assistants might be hit or miss with more and more hits than misses.  This is based on how voice assistants crawl the web for voice information requests.  This was done as we continue to address current needs as well as future needs for those who will eventually follow us and who’s technology needs will be different than what we experience today.

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