Gay Elder Circle – Monthly Meeting August 9, 2020

Dear Elders, Brothers, Cousins, Friends,We hope you are safe and healthy during the continuing pandemic.  As we move into the sixth month of various types of being safer at home there have been numerous conversations on loneliness and death and dying.  The solitary expiration of friends and loved ones has become commonplace for many.  It is these conversations that are now, during, and after that have led to conversations spoken that for many have always been unspoken and avoided.  

It’s as important as ever to stay connected, with others and ourselves. Take time to get outside, text or call a friend, read that book, start a hobby, make a travel wish list, virtually visit a botanical garden, smile more, sigh less … and remember, we made it through yesterday, we can get through today and let’s do it again tomorrow. Until we are able to meet again, remember…At the end of the day, it’s the simple things that are important … Love is Love, Kindness is Free, and Together = Better. We are so grateful to be part of this our community. 

City of West Hollywood Update:

The City of West Hollywood closed West Hollywood Park and Plummer Park until further notice on July 23, 2020.  Park patrons are not wearing facial mask coverings and not using physical distancing protocols.  Park patrons have removed safety barriers in the basketball courts and other areas.  Neighborhood parks, and dog parks remain open. 

We continue to make this link below for your convenience to remain updated on the County of Los Angeles position on COVID-19.

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