Gay Elder Circle Monthly Meeting – May 10, 2020

We hope everyone is well, safe and healthy.  Depending on where you start counting, for most about March 15th, a month of self-isolation is taking its toll in various ways in multiple communities. Even those who are natural loners have expressed feelings of “cabin fever”.   We encourage you, weather permitting, to walk about in the sunshine while practicing appropriate physical distancing protocol. 

City of West Hollywood Update:

The City of West Hollywood upgraded their “Safer At Home” protocol. The guidelines, as of April 23rd is that the “Safer At Home” protocol will remain in place until the end of June.  The City of West Hollywood also states this is a fluid situation.  We are on the emergency alerts for the City of West Hollywood and read them when new ones become available.  We will continue to monitor to see if we can schedule an in-person meeting for June 14th

Public parks and dog parks in the City of West Hollywood are still closed though May 15th.  We anticipate an update soon as the L.A. County Fair is still planned for September with a notice it may be canceled.  Long Beach Pride has been canceled while L.A. Pride has been postponed, and DTLA Proud has been re-schedule to December.  Events with large crowds are being evaluated.  

We continue to make this link below for your convenience to remain updated on the County of Los Angeles position on COVID-19.

We invite and welcome everyone to join the Gay Elder Circle in spirit on May 10, 2020, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. We encourage you to set aside personal time for conscious reflection.  We anticipate being able to have an in-person meeting in June. 

You are encouraged to send us your quotes of ancestor wisdom, and suggested book readings, or websites of interest to be included in our June 2020 notification.  Send us an email or use the Contact Us form on our website. 

I encourage you to be conscious, mindful and to live with purpose during this time of continuing health challenges in our community.  Remember to be a mentor to others and continue to be a visible Elder in the community in person or through virtual portals.

Looking forward to circling and sharing with each of you soon.

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