Gay Elder Circle – Monthly Meeting Sept. 13, 2020

Dear Elders, Brothers, Cousins, Friends,

We hope our newsletter continues to find you safe and healthy during the ongoing pandemic.  As we move into the seventh month of the pandemic we have observed many things one of which is that 2020 is a transitional year.  Is 2020 a year in all its ups and downs, twists and turns a year when we were have been provided a time for self reflection.  A time to examine our relationships, personal and non-personal.  A time when we examine how business is conducted.  Are we a Phoenix ready to be reborn in 2021 from the ashes of 2020 by accepting change, declaring change and working for change.  A year we band together instead of moving in opposite directions.  There is opportunity here, can we recognize this opportunity and grow.  Some of our observations are below in this our September newsletter.  While we encourage social, telephonic, and virtual connectedness it’s also a time for reflection.  Which brings us to our topic this month on reflection and transformational change.  

City of West Hollywood Update:

On Saturday, September 5, 2020 the City of West Hollywood opened West Hollywood Park and Plummer Park to visitors again.  They are still keeping the water fountains turned off and the restrooms closed.  The park tables and benches have been removed or have been made inaccessible.  Park patrons are still expected to wear facial mask coverings and continue to keep 6 ft. of physical distance between yourself and others.  The Gay Elder Circle may meet in the park, however attendees would need to bring their own water, chair, blanket, and/or umbrella.  We will skip a meeting in September, and keep an eye on October.  Hopefully the weather will be cooler and the air quality will also improve. 

We continue to make this link below for your convenience to remain updated on the County of Los Angeles position on COVID-19.

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